Tuesday, March 2

From Paris With Love

Just dun want to waste 7 hours to wait the stupid electronic publishing lecture class, i decided to leave college after my morning class and head to pavilion for a movie. Is really weird that i make up my mind that i am going to watch Little Big Soldier this time but end up i choose From Paris With Love. It is the first time i step into the cinema and watch a movie that i didn't go and read the synopsis from internet. This movie is quite '#$%*'. John Travolta keep saying expletives words especially mother fucker. And you will find out that he is quite 'strong' in hooking up with hooker till those cupboard is shaking. He act very fast in every motion part although he is big size. It consider disgusting the part he kill peoples and the most funny part is around the end part which a volvo he after and he found out bazuka right behind the seat of his car. Oh ya do remember the movie is rated 18SX. Young people gonna be careful or the next continue movie will be From Malaysia With Love. 

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