Wednesday, March 10

Penang Trip!!! Again?

Well this time Penang trip is not with my parents but crazy gang of mine. Three days two nights normally not enough for us but because the bloody 'GOOD' weather nowadays make us faint. Feels like wanna walk around naked. Lol. First day reach there around morning time crash people car and the craziest is we didn't pay to the victim car. After finish breakfast, look for the Hotel Malaysia.

 This the room. 
Not big and not small either. 
Sea view available if we have binocular.

After examining the whole room and rest, we set out to Queensbay Mall. Due to the hot weather out there, we start having photo shoot in car.Nothing to do at Queensbay, just have pizza as our lunch and walk around until night fall. So what we eat for dinner? Of course went to the Gurney Drive order and take away and back to hotel because no place to have it there. The first day we mostly spend in eating.

Here all the victory 'stuff' from Gurney Drive.

The next day after we had our breakfast and we set out to the famous Temple 'Kek Lok'. Over here is damn hot till you faint. My eyes can't open normal way as the day is too bright for me. We went to the new area which the opening ceremony held not long ago, the big Kuan Yin which on the top side of the temple. Lots of people around there shooting pictures so as we too. 

One more floor to go. And we finally....

REACH THE TOP. Where Ka Jun(camera-man)?

Now he's here(1st right). 
Of course there someone help us for this pictures. 

And i always wandering why every time a group of people trip-ing around they must have this kind of pictures which i didn't get the meaning till now. 

Oh the brown color shoe is mine. 
This is the hut where we take a rest. 
Pei Hoong is like crazy bout photo and keep shooting. 

After the temple, we went to Gurney Plaza to get something to eat. As you know, we are quite crazy so someone suggest Why dun we buy the same tee together? But because we are all six people and every shop there maximum have only four color so we decided to buy different color tee but same word on it. Which word? Is 'WE'. So done buying the tee we head to Bukit Ferringi beach. During the car journey, something happen on the road and i promise this is the first time that few million past by us. What is that? 

There are six Lamborghini, one Porsche, one Bentley, one BMW 
and others normal car past by us and the police is open the road for them in front. 
Reach the beach and jumping all around shoot for pictures. 
This time Bryan is our camera-man.
Try to check the tee WE wearing. 
What a wonderful view this moment? 
Feel relax and happy. 

The trip this time although is short but the most important thing is trip-ing around the place with most crazy and close friends. I think this is the best trip and is my first trip with this gang. Quite good and you know, happy hour always passing fast. So that's all for my Penang trip and i believe pictures do tell more story than using words. 


Clover said...

y u write so touching...wanna cry jor...

thx for u still remember my hoong is double O...n thx for me keep shooting our moment XD

really a happy moment~

tOo J. McqVan said...

oh i always remember every member exact name spelling in crazy gang. Ya, thanks for your non-stop shooting. Camera-lad.

ĦỡŊžрџŋχ said...

Pei hoong: Sarcastic me now la izit? PEI HONG. Nie nie nie bu bu.

John: First trip meh? Cameron was the first la

Clover said...

ya~absolutely sarcastic u~~~~blek

ur 1st trip wif 5B without me~~~~