Wednesday, March 31

Freud's theory + My 'tea-bag' Frens

Well today learned something new. Lol. Everyday learn new thing but today bit different which related to my 'Tea-bag' frens.
Human do have the structure of personality and it categorized to three types:-

   Governed by inborn instinctual drives which related to those sex and aggression stuff

Motivates people to act in an ideal fashion, in accordance with the moral customs defined by parents and culture.

Induces people to act with reason / deliberation / helps them conform to the requirements of the external world.

So me and my 'tea-bag' frens every time having night tea doesn't matter at McD, Mamak, Park or other places we usually have a long and details sex chat. Our case is more related to the first type, Id. Why would this happen to us? The most probably idea is because we really think all sex stuff in our head? Can't tell the exact answer yet cause is still a question for us. But weird thing is Id is happen when human is unconscious situation but we are in a hyper-conscious situation. It seem like me and my 'tea-bag' frens all is up-side-down in term of consciousness. I think better consult a doctor soon or later. Oh My God! Haha

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