Saturday, September 4

Pretty Odd!!!

Is somehow weird isn't? A social networking line suppose to make people to become fren but sometimes it really shock me when someone you want to add them as your fren they will shoot you a message asking, 'who are you?'
Oh god damn it!!! My sem break is started two days ago, OFFICIALLY!!! But i have already feel boring and lifeless....What to do? I wish i have money to travel and specially go to Singapore on 24, 25, and 26 this month to attend the concert where Daughtry and Maria Carey are performing for the Grand Prix or F1.

Sunday, August 8

My Sunday Wasted!!!

Why my sunday been taken so easily yet what i get is only boring and tired? I want to go PC Fair. I want to take picture with gorgeous, fashion girls there. Quite regret not snap them on friday when i have DSLR camera on my hand because that day i was no empty hand for doing other stuff.
Yesterday finally got the chance to capture them but i blame the camera is not enough megapixels for me. Make those picture look blur and not natural so i just give out. Only capture two photo yesterday and just feel like want to delete them. Haiz!!!
TODAY!!!! When i finally restore back my guts, i have to work at jusco and spend my entire day at the bloody kiosk. Haiz!!! Well i personally feel that the most gorgeous girls i saw in PC Fair only at the game booth which in front the PC GURU area. Why i say so because those girls i believe they are only around the age of 18 to 20. Well you know, those model usually wear like the games characters which it is designed to be sexy and gorgeous.

Thursday, August 5

Orianthi LIVE in KL 2010!!!!

OMG!!!! I just can't make myself stop rocking and and get her song rthyme away from my head. Yesterday was awesome. Although it just an hour concert but still manage to make me and the rest crazy for her and shout all night long yet rock with her until the very end. I got myself VIP ticket and i receive goodies bag that contain Orianthi Believe (II) autographed album, concert poster and a nice plastic paper bag. (actually i got two paper bag and three poster...WHY? because some of the people just take the album away but left all those stuff behind so i just grab it) 

Well yesterday i reach KL Live @ Life Centre around 6pm because they say have to reach early to collect goodies bag and ticket for those who are purchase online and phone. End up around 8pm only able to get in to the concert hall. So during the time queing outside, i was lucky to know three girl there and chat about Orianthi. One of the girl who are in form 4 this year skip class and exam all the way from penang to KL for the concert. 

One fm and Fly fm crew is there in the entrance making lot of joke and giving out free tickets and poster too. That time i only wish there are giving out the Meet and Greet pass but unfortunately there dun have. So what funny stuff they've done? Whatever they request us like shout Orianthi name or sing the chorus part of According To You, no one is actually giving the respond. Oh ya, a fake Orianthi exist during that time. Try to check this out!!!

I believe the rock zone fans are very excited because Orianthi actually throwing over the guitar pick to them. I WANT TOO!!! Anyway able to rock with Orianthi together with lots of other fans is really a thing that you never able to feel it if you are not there. I believe pictures will tell more than words. 

Click This - - - - - - - - Orianthi - - - - - - - - - For Pictures. 

Saturday, July 24

Orianthi LIVE in KL!!!!!!

I never thought that Orianthi will come to Malaysia and when i know it, really make me mad and happy. I definitely will find a way to attend the concert. How's to get the tix for it? I know it. (actually i already have it on my hand few days ago) I can't wait for the concert and it still two weeks to go. Currently busy for my course event and i believe the concert will be the best place for me to release all my tension ans stress.

What you guys waiting for.....get your leg move and grab the tix at Rock Corner and Tower Record store now. There are two monorail station which Bukit Nanas and Jalan Sultan Ismail available for you to go there and just have to spend two minutes to walk there. Is very convenient to join the concert. Oh yea support Orianthi new album,

The hit song for this album "Shut Up & Kiss Me". OMG!!! I couldn't understand why her voice are so good and able to lock my mind. Hard to put her out of my mind. This is the Orianthi effect to her fans. I LOVE YOU ORIANTHI!

Friday, June 25

In Memories of Michael Jackson.

Michael, you the man who turn me to be a strong and more confident guy. Your music is awesome. I never never able to put you out of my head. You are my number one. God bless your children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II (Blanket). I LOVE YOU.

Saturday, June 12

FIFA World Cup 2010 - South Africa

Well i personally not that much interest on football match but their opening ceremony  or any other special event before the show i definitely watch it.

I was kind of regret and regret and sad because i miss the show by some mistake. The show i mention is the World Cup Kick-Off Concert where Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, John Legend and many other performer that perform on the pre-opening concert. 

I will never forget what kind of stupid mistake that i had done which caused me never catch the live show. The most lucky thing happened just yesterday because they repeat the show and i manage to just watch the part from Knaan all the way till the show end. Which the most interesting part was Shakira!! Wooh! Wooh!

Here is my Dream Lady - Shakira photo during her performance. She so gorgeous and damn sexy shaking around on the stage. OMG!! Make me MAD!


                              TOO COMPLETE!!!!!
                         SNAKE BODY TYPE!!!!!