Sunday, March 28

Psychology - Intelligence

Again we have small activity during psychology class. This time we going to test our intelligence by using egg. Actually this game is the second time playing which the first i play is during my form 5 prefect camp but still failed. Lol. This activity we need egg, drinking straw and cellophane tape(stapler). We need to use drinking straw to protect the egg to make sure when we launch the egg from high ground to bottom it won't break. So we have half an hour to design the 'shield' for the egg.........................TIME'S UP! Here are all the 'Egg Shield' for each group.

Onn Rei group

      Daphanne group

Hon Kitt group

John(ME) group

Onn Rei group design just like Africa house. Daphanne group design like 'nasi lemak'. Hon Kitt group design like normal straw packing. As for me alien space ship design. Among four group only one egg is survive.
Guess? Is Hon Kitt group won this competition. Haiz!!!  

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