Tuesday, March 16

Alice in Wonderland

This movie absolutely funny and interesting. For me the best part in the movie is because of the Mad Hatter(Johnny Depp). I like him so much maybe because of his acting style is slightly little bit of girlish. The costume and make-up for Mad Hatter is quite match for Johnny Depp style and when you watch this movie, you definitely will have pirate flash back in your mind.

Another important thing! For Harry Potter fans, you will see and (hear) some characters is actually the character from Harry Potter movie. The only thing is you will feel their costume in this movie quite weird because we had common to their dressing and costume in Harry Potter movie. Check this out!

Alan Rickman - voice
(Absolem, The Caterpillar vs Severus Snape)

 Helena Bonham Carter
(Iracebeth of Crims, The Red Queen vs Bellatrix Lestrange)

Frances De La Tour
(Aunt Imogene vs Madame Olympe Maxime)

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