Tuesday, March 16

Hello Music 2010!!!

So the camp i been talking last week is just finish yesterday. Although is just 3 days 2 nights camp, technically 4 days 3 nights for helper still the camp is very successful. As usual the first day(Friday) we reach the primary school earlier than all those children because we need to set up the place like the classroom they going to sleep and the stage. The stage this time is more interesting and beautiful because the stage is design to glow in the dark and the tee for all the helper and camper will glow in dark as well. The theme for this camp is Undersea World. So everyone need to draw something to their tee and mine i draw coral reef. Quite nice and look like Timberland tee. The following days activities and funny happening i will blog here again once i get all the pictures. As i say last post, pictures tell more stories than using words. Just show you the group pictures for now.

The SIXTH from lower right-side, that's ME. 

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