Tuesday, February 23

College sucks!! Tutor sucks....!!!!!

Oh the god damn college and the tutor, we as student just like puppet for them!!!! I was wandering why they can't just release a final arrangement time table every semester? Is this really hard to get it done? Oh i think there also not really know how to use intranet. Since we have college intranet but curious is those updated time table they never post to intranet but only at college notice board. I've been wasting money this two day just to travel to college and get nothing but angry especially today. My first psychology class has been canceled and the bloody tutor didn't inform any student about that. Irresponsible at all. But i like the way of my electronic publishing tutor do where he inform me three days ago that tomorrow class start. I really hope my college can be improve or else is the student get the hard time.    

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