Thursday, April 1

Clash of the Titans

Just step in lecture hall and Adrian call me and say that psychology class is cancel because Ms. Caren is not feeling well. Lot of my course mates not believe that class is been canceled because today is April Fool day. So i just set out to go have a movie at Pavilion and this time there are two girl-frens going with me. About 130pm we reach Pavilion and the queue is quite long on front the ticketing counter. During the queuing, something happen where a mid-age old man scolding a woman who are selecting movie at the counter. Do you know why the man scold the office lady? Because the office lady nearly use up 10 mins to select movie and keep chatting on the phone. Sometimes i really dun understand why some of the Malaysian can't just quickly decide something and quickly finish up the task! Basically nothing big happen today. Well how the movie? 

Well the movie starting just like Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The most interesting part of the movie is when they fight with scorpion and after that become fren. During the fight scene is really great and i thought the Kraken scene will be more powerful best fight scene but just end with a boring and weird feel. So easily defeated by Perseus. Because this story is about the god story of Greek somehow you will flash back some scene in Percy Jackson movie. Like the snakes head lady. Overall is only can rate average for me.

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