Sunday, May 2

Malacca, Impressive!!!

I know is late post it here but now only got the time to do it cause busy other thing and never get a good sleep after the trip. Back to my purpose, this is the first time i go trip with my course-mates(B4 gangs). Here by i say thanks a lot for giving me a bloody good trip with lot of laugh and crazy things happened. I am glad to join you guys.
This trip is kinda rush and make my stomach full till burst because we are almost eat every two hours since we arrive there. So where we live? A Famosa villa. The one i live is more like a church building.

1st Day 
-spend most of the time in villa. 
-photo shooting around. 
-planning the following activities together. 
-having dinner somewhere on the roof-top of the building at Tampin.
( i love the mi which cover by banana leaf)
-having our breakfast(12am)--SATAY but unfortunately didn't open business so we just eat at mamak. 

2nd Day
-head to town area. Almost all the activities is around the town. 
-(what a hot weather over here?) 
-new frens join in the group. 
-walk around the red houses(feels like want to walk in naked body!!)
-photo shooting with the iguana on my hands and next with the golden snake(two more girls with me) 
-head to other place to have satay celup. 
-night time we 'sneak'(lol) out to get what we didn't get yesterday-satay but still not open for business. OMG!

3rd Day
-head to have the famous chicken rice.
-again we go to town area, Baba Nyonya village or more closer described as street. 
(Pay a visit the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum.)
-head to the Malacca zoo area but unfortunately when we reach is already 5pm. (blame the bloody GPS which point us to the wrong way) 
-have our dinner somewhere near MMU Malacca.

So this is the roughly route for my Malacca trip. Before the trip i was keep thinking went with them i will be regret because what i know feels like very confuse but end up is damn nice. Sorry and Thanks again to B4 gangs. Wish to join you guys again in the near future. Haha

P.S. More pictures available on my facebook. Enjoy!!

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