Monday, May 3

Life Dictionary

I believe every human have their own dictionary. The dictionary I'm talking about not the dictionary you use to find the meaning of words but to give you direction of your life. How a dictionary can be call as complete? Well their are certain things which is very important to make sure your life will be good. Let's call this dictionary as 'Life Dictionary'

Let me do a quick check on myself,
-Body Fit
I believe all the above i dun have the chance to have it. But the following list i'm sure is not gonna run from me.
-Useless guy
All this is not a guy need and is not every human need but i get it for free and it is since the day of my birth.

Why do i say so?
1. Outside my house people first impression is 'You look like a bad boy'
2. Always eat bread just like a poor guy.
3. Skinny like hell and hard to be recognize if stand together with bamboo.
4. Up till now never get a real and happy relationship with a girl. More direct description is never have a girl willing to couple with me.

Sometimes i really feel sad when i saw lot of my frens and juniors is in a relationship and yet there are look great to have at least one people except parents to care of them. I am now freaking out to be alone but for me is just v ery hard to get a girl to love me. Why this kind of thing happened to me. I am push myself to the limit for all thing sometime but the god is just like to pulling me back. Seriously i have a question, what is the feel when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? I believe for my life is not that easy to have one but i just want to know how it feel. Sometimes i really feel myself weak and useless which put lot of effort to get something but end up zero compare with other guy it seems ridiculous for my effort. I am really tired for everything and sick of my life dictionary. God damn it!!!!!

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Clover said...

my 1st time have bf is felt unbelievable...not real...but happy n shy..hehe~

dun so sad...
in the future must have a chance to have a dun worry~