Thursday, April 22

The Losers

Well day seventh of my semester break and finally i find myself something else to do......MOVIE. Actually I'm not very sure for this movie is very interesting as i am not so understand what the heck of the description talking about in the newspaper but end up i found that is damn crazy and funny. Lot of crazy scene inside this movie and you will grand them genius which what there doing sometime. The colonel in this movie is really shit in hook up with girl. I am here talking bout those girl he hooked up with last time is all we can call as terrorist. I can't remember what his first girl do to him but the 2nd girl leave a bomb under his bed and the third one which he about to cooperate with accidentally burn his room. Quite funny huh? I promise you will not regret to watch this movie. CRAZY BUNCH OF EX-SOLDIER HAVING THEIR REVENGE TRIP!!!

  Aisha"the girl who burn colonel house". Jensen, Clay"The Colonel", Pooch, Rogue, Cougar 
from left to right

Here another funny thing happen after movie. My lovely fren, Ka Jun forgot where he park his car at Times Square which we need to search the car through every parking floor and finally we 'found' it at second floor. Is just like an April Fool joke when he tell me that. So i conclude today is my craziest and funniest day ever i have in my holiday.

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