Thursday, May 27

Freak Day it is....

Well here i am in year 2 in college and it really make me feel time is passing fast like hell. The very first meeting of Mass Comm Society finished yesterday and all those new members is way energetic than what i expected. Honestly yesterday is really crazy and funny during the election part. It will always happen that someone get nominated by friends but end up with the awkward moment. Like one of my friend i nominated by me but end up nothing for him and he is very honest to tell everyone that he is not good in writing story because the position he get nominated is editorial. So fate always like this, when you done something like this to yuor friend and it will comes to you too. So some of the seniors and my friends who same batch with me nominate me for the vice president position. So when I walk down to the front and I know nothing will happen on me because one of the strongest competitor is here with me, my junior course representative who have quite a number of fans but i never thought that those juniors will vote for me and make me to get the position. Crazy right. Anyway i be do all my best for what i get.

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