Thursday, May 20

Here a situation, Girls!

So proud that KTM is finally doing something useful to public rather than open more line. They started this system on last week where the middle coach of every train will be the coach special for girl and women. Although i dun really agree their system in the very early stage but now i feel that is not bad because they want to protect girls and women safety. And yet the situation now is some of the girls and women except those foreigner, never understand the special coach of them but still want to join the public coach with the rest. If you are together with your boyfriend or husband that is exceptional but every single day i saw lot of girls and women still coming to public coach which make me mad and not fun. Since you(girls/women) scare to be the molest victim then just enter the special coach. As you all know that KTM is always lot of people and the most curious part is girls never go to their special coach which is empty but join the public coach which is full like hell. Through this it proved to me that girls mind is never never easy to be understand and it always change in every second. Haiz!!!

P.S. What i say above is never meant i am gay but is just make me angry and always caused the public coach hell full.

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