Wednesday, May 5

Boring & Awkward Day

My day now almost spend on my work at Jusco Mahkota Cheras. Sometime when you are in sales line you wish to have lot of sales coming to you that make you busy whole day and you won't feel bored but today is very weird. Jusco as we know is not quite but today i can hear those flies wings 'papping' around me. As you see the pictures below is what i take around 6pm today.


This is the first time i feel how quiet Jusco can be.
When this situation happen it make me feel sleepy and boring because no one shopping around and give me business.

This is the stage side which i only see three human walking to my direction. Remember is only THREE!!!
I meant what happen to Jusco today?

Here today have a very special show. Try to guess what is the show i am going to tell. Give you one hint, this show is forbid those people who are under 18 yrs old. I bet you know it by now. Yes, tonight got a very beautiful, S body shape, average boobs size, and nice & round ass girl choosing accessories at the kiosk which the second pic showed, her pants i dare say is only 14/15cm in length from top to bottom which caused her very hi-def blue color t-back showing around together with her top side ass. Almost every guy looking on it and you know when this kind of awkward situation usually girl or women who pass by will feel ashamed but for guy who not interested to take a look i'm sure he is 100% bisexual. Last time i hope to ask girls do they feel cold when wearing bloody hot pant but now i think i need to change the way of asking is their ass feel cold or not. You see this is the only thing guys cannot be done even in 21st century. Lol.

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