Monday, February 22

Valentine's Day @ Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief

Well today is really a hard day for me. Reach college thought that having class till 6pm end up no class at all for Monday and the time table for this sem is sucks. I totally no idea how to survive under this kind of arrangement. Oh my god!!! So i left college around 12pm and head to pavilion for movie. I plan to watch Percy Jackson and Little Big Soldier straight for all but the second movie time can't match my first movie ending so i watch Valentine's Day. 

This movie is quite nice and if you are the fans of Harry Potter movies you definitely will have the same feel of the magic world because the director was Chris Columbus. Anyway every movie i watch just one thing is priority, nice girl. Haha. I can't say the girl inside the movie is very beautiful but still a nice looking girl...Annabeth. Well this movie also shock me bout one of the actress Melina Kanakaredes who act Annabeth mother, Athena first time i seen her in movie. For me Melina is known as the strong detective in CSI: New York. Surprise.  

Well this is the first time i watch this kind of movie in cinema. Although is a little bit confuse the way it show each couple happening in valentine's day but it still a good movie because lot of laughing scene. Haha. As for Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift apparently broke up but in this movie i'm sure it is the only movie we can see them hugging and kissing all around. Not bad overall this movie.  

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