Thursday, February 4

Cultivation Theory # Shopping Method

Wow....almost one month blog left behind!! Well past whole month doing preparation for exam. as for today, i went to sunway pyramid then bukit bintang, there are something happen during my way to the place and this make me think of the theory i have learn last two semester - Cultivation Theory. Well this is what happen on my way to sunway pyramid.............

Cultivation Theory (Mainstream & Resonance)
I used to take ktm to sunway pyramid and the early stage is like so long to wait the time pass as i almost spend an hour just to wait the bloody train at serdang and kl sentral. So when i finally in the train head to sunway pyramid, there are one chinese couple stand right in front of me speaking cockney english and hugging and kissing(oh yes i am jealous because i always alone, lol)(is they purposely stand in front of me and do all those action? lol). My mind suddenly think of the cultivation theory. We do have two factors, mainstream and resonance. And what i can say due to this scene happen in front of me for mainstream is the newspaper or movie that showing couple kissing/hugging is just normal for me because that is the way a movie plot running but when i experience in real life(resonance), it is hard to except and i know one day i might do this in front others but is just crazy by doing a lot of times just in a very short journey from petaling station to subang jaya station. You know what, i feel guilty because i was thinking that maybe the couple is kissing too much till the guy lip turn in dark color. LOL!!!

Shopping Method
Me as a public transport user, what i hope is the transport i take can bring me right in front the shopping complex or at lease i manage to walk to the place maybe for 10 mins but sunway pyramid is the worst for me. Not to make the situation difficult, i choose to take ktm but the station(complete with bus service to sunway) i stop by is the farthest compare with the others. Other than that, now i realize that sunway pyramid is nothing for me to done my shopping desire. But compare to bukit bintang or the whole kl area i dare say is much more better and it is the place i can spend my whole day. Maybe this is what those people who stay in PJ said, sunway is the place they visit most of the time, for me who stay in cheras will feel that kl is good. Sometime i really no idea how can i be shows up in sunway? Haha.....

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