Thursday, October 1

crazy day.........luck behind

I always feel sad on one thing in my eyes. As i said before this post my eyes is bit different compare with a normal people. My eyes ball shape is not round but oval. Since standard six i start wearing contact lens. Why? Because 1st, speed for my eyes is already limit the glasses speed. 2nd due to my eyes ball shape become oval and will keep going to growth till blind, the only solution is to wear the contact lens to push it back by using the little pressure to slow down the time. And what happen today, during the time i walking outside, both of my contact lens together drop out from my eyes. I feel the world is lost in a sudden because my eyes sight is very blur and almost can't see thing. Is lucky that i found back those contact lens, if not this few week my life is just stay in the blur and unclear situation. When this kind of matter happen to me everytime, i was thinking 'Am i a burden for my parents?' All this contact lens is cost much for one pair. And some other time i do blame the god 'Why always play joke on me!'. I know outside there is ton of people is facing other problem too and maybe more serious than me but this is just make me hard to survive as now what i can do is to wear it and slow down the time t blind. I really tired with all this, i am not asking to make myself rich or anything but just wish my eyes can get another solution better than wearing contact lens that make me worry every single second. My heart is hurt when saw other people joining activity without worry a lot of stuff. This is what i call FREEDOM. In this hour, this minutes, this second i feel hard and hurt thus heart san.

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Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Melvin here,
accidently found your blog in a google search!
So how's everything going?