Monday, September 28

A Long Hair Musical Drama

Well....finished busying as a backstage crew in this 'A Long Hair' musical my been whole week not touching the computer and 'web' is because my last whole week time is around KL Pac for the preparation of the show and the non-stop rehearsal of all the actors and actress....Is really fun and tired as a backstage crew for the second time....last year 'The King of Mars' musical drama is much more easier cause all those props is much more smaller.....this year 'A Long Hair' is not just sofa but also one huge props - castle. The day i join all those actors and actress feel so weird and all like stranger but till the time show start everyone become fren. Spending lot of time from 9am till 1am everyday last whole week make me tired but compare with others is just a very short time only....This 'A Long Hair' story is quite sad but some scene really make people laugh....oh ya i want to thanks E-Major cause without them i can't really have the chance to join this kind of musical drama again for the second time and also the chance to step into the KL Pac. Although i am not crying but after the show and finished reading the musical drama booklet make me more understand every small things or story about 'A Long Hair'. So far this the only things i can share but soon when i receive all those pictures i can post it to make you guys feel more interested.....SEE YA

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