Sunday, October 4

A Long Hair Victory Banquet/Moon-cake Festival

Is been 5 days after the show had done. Yesterday we gather again at E-Zone for the show victory banquet and moon-cake festival. Before reach the place, we spend around two hours for the traffic jam which just miles away E-Zone. All this we blame those cop who set roadblock during after work hour. 3 lane become 1 lane for car, by this you can imagine how 'genius' out cop!!! Well finally reach E-Zone and there lot of people here already. All announcement and dinner-time at 7pm. We spend 3 and half hours to watch our show start from 8pm end 1130pm. Is really put in a lot of funny scene and sad scene. Anyway for me i feel sad but not till crying. For me the effort we put together and here is the result. After the 'movie', we continue to finish all those food as our supper. We depart to home around 1am. Again those 'genius' cop set roadblock, because our car is over-load so me and one of my friend decide to walk pass the roadblock only join back my friend car. So my friend drop us one side then move away. Unfortunately, the place my friend drop us, two cop is actually around there. The cop give signal to ask us what happen 'Kenapa turun kereta? Lebih muatan?' I say we both left something behind need to return back. So we just easily pass them and walk through shop lot, and finally join back our friend car. Reach home around 2am.

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