Tuesday, October 13

2nd Semester.....

Hey guys, 2nd semester is on the run......I see the word 'BUSY' is just behind me. Assignment this time quite hard and challenging. The most big deal is exam results is going to release next week and now i think better prepare some medicine like heart-attack pill. Oh god! Why we always need to face those terrible fact in our life?? Oh ya this few day i bought the new animation drama 'Detective Conan 13th - The Raven Chaser', is very good and make you nervous from starting till ending that you don't want to miss it. The main point is finally available in Malaysia after this movie had unleash 6 months ago in Japan and the box office is more than 3 billion yen. For me i must admit this is very nice movie compare with the others 12 i had bought. Sad is because of the language is in japan but not in Cantonese. Go get one for yourself....

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little melon said...

Hey John,
Melvin here,
accidently found your blog in a google search!
So how's everything going?