Thursday, August 5

Orianthi LIVE in KL 2010!!!!

OMG!!!! I just can't make myself stop rocking and and get her song rthyme away from my head. Yesterday was awesome. Although it just an hour concert but still manage to make me and the rest crazy for her and shout all night long yet rock with her until the very end. I got myself VIP ticket and i receive goodies bag that contain Orianthi Believe (II) autographed album, concert poster and a nice plastic paper bag. (actually i got two paper bag and three poster...WHY? because some of the people just take the album away but left all those stuff behind so i just grab it) 

Well yesterday i reach KL Live @ Life Centre around 6pm because they say have to reach early to collect goodies bag and ticket for those who are purchase online and phone. End up around 8pm only able to get in to the concert hall. So during the time queing outside, i was lucky to know three girl there and chat about Orianthi. One of the girl who are in form 4 this year skip class and exam all the way from penang to KL for the concert. 

One fm and Fly fm crew is there in the entrance making lot of joke and giving out free tickets and poster too. That time i only wish there are giving out the Meet and Greet pass but unfortunately there dun have. So what funny stuff they've done? Whatever they request us like shout Orianthi name or sing the chorus part of According To You, no one is actually giving the respond. Oh ya, a fake Orianthi exist during that time. Try to check this out!!!

I believe the rock zone fans are very excited because Orianthi actually throwing over the guitar pick to them. I WANT TOO!!! Anyway able to rock with Orianthi together with lots of other fans is really a thing that you never able to feel it if you are not there. I believe pictures will tell more than words. 

Click This - - - - - - - - Orianthi - - - - - - - - - For Pictures. 

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My Taste Heaven said...

argh...John, u went around telling ppl that i skipped school XD XD