Sunday, August 8

My Sunday Wasted!!!

Why my sunday been taken so easily yet what i get is only boring and tired? I want to go PC Fair. I want to take picture with gorgeous, fashion girls there. Quite regret not snap them on friday when i have DSLR camera on my hand because that day i was no empty hand for doing other stuff.
Yesterday finally got the chance to capture them but i blame the camera is not enough megapixels for me. Make those picture look blur and not natural so i just give out. Only capture two photo yesterday and just feel like want to delete them. Haiz!!!
TODAY!!!! When i finally restore back my guts, i have to work at jusco and spend my entire day at the bloody kiosk. Haiz!!! Well i personally feel that the most gorgeous girls i saw in PC Fair only at the game booth which in front the PC GURU area. Why i say so because those girls i believe they are only around the age of 18 to 20. Well you know, those model usually wear like the games characters which it is designed to be sexy and gorgeous.

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