Saturday, September 12

Dream Car!!!!

I believe that everyone has their own dream, no matter about what, he or she would like to have/own it....let's talk about car, car is a good thing to own one especially a perfect and nice one....some of my friends said car is just used to bring us from one place to another and most probably to save our walking time.....but for me, when you own a great won't think that anymore in other hand you feel comfortable and feel proud that you own it....what i always think is 'If i really dun have the chance to own the car in my life, i dun mind to just have the chance to test drive.' Unfortunately, this car is not available in our country but the most satire thing is Singapore have it in the market....This car is really nice although is quite sometime on market but still is a damn great car.........Audi R8

Audi R8

Is very nice and cool huh? Seriously i dun know how to describe my feeling if i really have one in front of my house like in the movie 17 really awesome and impressive that nowadays car can design like robot look...ah...i remember in the latest Transformer movie have this rite? looking the picture is not really can make you feel....try to view this......

Audi R8 video

Is great rite? Love it? But you guys won't want to see your car get repair every week especially the break cause it cannot run best in Malaysia as you know the road here is not that long and JAM problems!!! HaHa driving a sport car for Traffic Jam here but out there people driving sport car doing some real and fun activity.....TOTALLY TWO DIFFERENT SITUATION!!!

Audi R8 Showroom video

WOW!!! I feel my heart is stop beating..........very impressive and gorgeous about the i want to import this car to Malaysia........hehe

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