Friday, December 11

Proud in-front # Stress be-hind

Try to guess what is this?

No idea?

Well this is 19th century hat.

I was proud of it cause it make by paper and the most important part is i make it together with my parent just yesterday for today drama acting.

I feel very proud and it is the first time i make something up with my dad and mom. I can't believe it!!! It make me feel warm and care from my family. Anyway, today acting is quite good as this is not my original group which i just join in to act the very minor cast- Doctor. 19th century doctor is always wearing their hat when outside their house or clinic. I can't deny that my acting skill is not 100%, but i still can act it very best. The group acting is really fun. Next week is my turn. I hope i can really break the records that had set by other class which 34/35 marks. I was thinking to make it 36/35 marks.....Nothing is impossible right? Just kidding.... not much i expect but 35/35. But now, the stress is keeping increase as the day is getting near and i still not memorize my script yet. Well i start feeling myself is getting crazy and nonsense of my writing. Good luck to other group and all the best to my group too!!!!

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