Thursday, May 21

I must be crazy in my mind!!!

Oh my brain is out of control i think! head to the college activity Talentime Nite take part on Emcee....just tought to try out and get to know more bout it but surprisingly i be choose to attend the second audition today. Well yesterday when i step in Block M classroom[venue of Talentime Nite] is quite scary when you sitting on the chair and the person infront you giving you some briefing bout what you gonna do as a emcee, how it actually work. After that change to the room for register and direct for the first audition, use my own way/style to describe myself and give a short speech with creative topic end up the topic for my short speech is 'Walking'. The judge is actually told me my weak part is speak not clear enough and maybe will make guest get confuse bout what the information i want to anounce. As for 2day, they want me to act some short topic drama where me topic bout to act two separate characters discussing Talentime Nite flyer. End of the story the judge is said me act two separate characters without change two different voice. Actually i know that but bcause of nervous heart sure can't make me awake with what i done wrong. Now is just waiting for the result whether me qualify for the emcee or not and attend for the final audition.

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