Wednesday, August 19


lot of people say 'why you still care what happen to her right now???'....well i really dun know and the answer won't be come out to guys maybe will mark that i some time wear a t-shirt with words behind like 'KING OF HEART BREAKER'....honestly sometime i do think that i really that not just talking bout relationship with girl but more to friendship.....and it is quite silly to think back what i have done to her during my freaking free time.....bloody i finally know that why jackie chan say 'be a people is harder than everything' i personal think that it is because of human feeling sense that make lot of thing happen to their life. heart breaker cannot use to me bcause i don't have any girlfren so far and not even got the true feeling about love....always says in love to some1 but in the end better just keep it in heart and like what i said last time, once you step forward and tell the girl you love her, the frenship of you both is taking the saying yes...well your responsibilities is getting heavy than saying depends both sides....i have enough experience on this where been rejected, maybe you ald know it will happen but when it show up in front you, you still feeling deep bad and sad. well i always alone for nothing, and bcause of this i will think a lot of stuff and the most disturbing matter is this..Love Industry!!!! i always think why i still have feeling(not just girl but everything)? and 2day i finally know my main prob....over control on everything....i admit what my fren say mine gentleman habit is not nature but by force condition.....i'm a person doing everything by follow my own thinking and my style and do not border others people opinion....well this is really hard to change and I'm not going to change feels like torturing myself by changing something to me......haha tied less people!!!!

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