Thursday, June 11

OMG......10 billion watt electric SHOCK me!!!!!

Half year ago, when i still a staff at California Fitness Lot 10, it was a new girl working at CROC shop where just opposite my booth and is quite make me interested. That time i was thinking how am i suppose to get to know her but till the day i stop working also not success get to know her............

Half year later,
in the same college, in the same course, in the same tutor group, and in the same class, the girl appear again but for the 1st two weeks i really can't remember where i saw this girl......until 2day when i sitting in her car with other fren head to KL, she suddently spoke bout where she work last time only i know 'SHE' is the one that last time make me over-using brain to figure out a way to get to know her. Now we not just college-mate but class-mate as well......and the feeling is just like 10 billion watts electric SHOCK me in a sudden.

It's really unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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